Adult Classes (21 and over)

We generally offer a different lesson each week, but those involved with personal projects are welcomed to find there own niche.

This is an overview of subjects and activities that we have covered over the years:

I begin each class with a demonstration.

Discussion of what "art" is. Demonstration of perspective, how light hits form and the basics of composition. Many people start with drawing a unique still life. A 14"X17" drawing pad will be supplied, as well as many other tools, but bringing your own materials is encouraged, especially if you paint or use pastels. Sorry. No oil paint.

An in-depth study of the architecture of the human head and face is the foundation of good portraiture. Draw member of class or a self portrait. Learn about proportion, structure, features of the face, likeness, and how to visualize and draw the head from different angles. Line, gesture, value, and mass are explored.

Life Drawing from a nude model. Students (we all are students), place a figure in an environment and then draw the model. This class will train observational skills and patience. Students draw directly from the model, working toward the goals of accuracy and personal expression.

Using reference or drawing from your imagination, students will create a piece of art that has an emotional feeling or makes a statement.

Weather permitting, we will draw on location in my yard. Lots of squirrels.

Students will be guided through a variety of demonstrations and exercises including color mixing, understanding color interaction, and learning about color systems. Learn how light works in nature.

Working from a model, fundamental skills and techniques will be reviewed. Colored pencils, graphite and other materials will be used. Anatomy, proportion, line quality and volume are emphasized. Students will explore contour line drawing, how fabric drapes and designing the figure within the picture frame. A visiting artist shows various techniques.

One demonstration will be how to paint on the computer.

Our last class - Discussion of how to translate your ideas to paper and how to collaborate with others. Create a mural by entire class, a unified image on a 8' x 4' sheet a paper, using mixed media. Also includes class critique of mural.

Customized programs are available for students which cater to your specific needs and level of experience. If you are a more advanced artist, or a "self-thinker", personal projects are encouraged. Bring your own tools and take your craft to the next level. Customized programs include editorial and children's illustration, graphic design, as well as other areas of commercial and fine art (same things, by the way).

Please call Andy Levine for more information: 718-956-8539 / Email -