Astoria Art Center

The Astoria Art Center, an art school in Asheville, N.C. is located in the Haw Creek area. We were based in the heart of NYC for five years and brought our school with us when we moved south. We will reopen later in the spring, but one can reserve a place now.

We are starting with one class on Thursday nights from 7 - 10 p.m. in the studio of Andy Levine (aka John Nebraska). I'm Andy and I also teach this class, happily. It's a six week course covering all aspects of classical and conceptual art, catering to the needs of each student/artist. We will be doing life drawing on the third and fifth class so you must be over 21.

The class is $35 each (total $210) which includes model fees, a 14x17 drawing pad, snacks and drinks and some supplies. We are limited to ten people.

Please contact us with questions and if you'd like to visit the center. — 718-956-8539 —

Think it. Draw it.